Treevibes: The Voice of Nature on the Breeze of Time

Since 2001, has been on the web, vibing wisdom as it was experienced, identifying paths to love and peace in our daily lives, and sharing thoughts about time and timelessness - through poetry, original songs and essays. Over time, more and more people have opened their closets where they too were writing at 3am on esoteric experiences and now, suddenly, ideas ancient and new have edged their way into the mainstream and into many forms. That is good news.

What I call "articulating the intangibles of human existence" has been the push behind the treevibes projects so far. It's inherent irony  - that the intangibles can not be articulated, only approximated, pointed at, rubbed against through art and language. Now, as people have evolved and concepts more broadly experienced, if not fully recognized or acknowledged, Treevibes: The Voice of Nature on the Breeze of Time is buzzing again. We shall watch this new era of Treevibes unfold. As true communication is increasingly silent, with greater depth of truth and understanding, spanning people and entraining with all life, what is left to articulate? Surely as the Voice of Nature is given form in Time, the magic and wisdom of which we are all a part has something important and joyful for us. I look forward to once again being in Service to the Highest Good of All (HGA) as a vessel and a voice.

I am updating the site from it's original now archaic formatting. I'm going through hundreds of pages of material and recordings and my performance history to see where it all belongs in the continuation of time and the "space between seconds" - and the embodiment of me.

Songs, video blogs and new takes on the forward spirals in human existence will be up soon. Meanwhile reach me at and here's a Call to Arms:


We are the New Creators you and me

Infiltrators from History

here to rewrite the future.


Liberators we can see

where it is we need to be

shaking up what used to be

but can prosper no more.


Forceful in our knowledge

Peaceful in our Ways

standing still for no one

we walk to light the Days

until the dark is broken

until the sleep is woken

until our words are spoken

we are the Renegades.


Drifters, dramatic shifters, aggravators, perpetrators

call us what you will

do not forget however

that we are with you til

the weaving is done

til we finish

what has begun.





Whatever factions form

Whatever situations arrive

Reconizing who responds in kind

to our own peaceful ways of being

is our ultimate ticket

to becoming

a tightknit





Focus on the sky, the trees, the birds, the breeze, the sun, the ocean, rain on leaves, earth in your toes -- with love and gratitude and you will recognize The Voice of Nature on the Breeze of Time and how it is your voice.

Back soon!