Poetry Written for Now

Still Life

Rock waters pour
delicious and cool
into the pool
bubbling into oneness
Currents subtle and soft
flow in the stillness
morning yoga
aloft sleepy depths

Fern and moss thrive
alive among the moist musty reds and browns
In resting trees gone by

Early Light’s gaze
graces peaks of trees
glances over waking leaves
warming golden pink
becomes a dusty haze
a fine yellow spray
Branches patient bathe

And the lights rise
over shedding silhouettes
a worthy introduction
of full-throated birds
soloists sage
each with a tip-top stage
announcing, welcoming
the arrival of a brand new day 



When I die
Let it be in July
in bliss
suspended in waves of cicada-song
buoyed in sweet humidity

Let it be in July
mid-morning chirps of birds
not yet in the business of a hot afternoon
sunrise celebration still lingering
tossing remnants of stories and hallelujahs

Let it be in July
Nature vibrant
freshly free shades of green
stark sunlit shapes
blooming color roaring the promise of Leo

Let me lie there in the potent blur of Oneness
that July day,
sweet roses on white picket fences
unhurried buzzing bees
quietly lifting me

Let me know the Truth -
My lifetime of knowings
embodied in thick Julys
And if it be in December
Let me remember mid-July


Speaking of Angels

We are the new Creators You and Me

Infiltrators from history

here to rewrite the future.

Liberators we can see

where it is we need to be

shaking up what used to be 

but can prosper no more.

Forceful in our knowledge

Peaceful in our ways

standing still for no one

we walk to light the days

until the dark is broken

until the sleep is woken

until our words are spoken

we are the Renegades.

Travelers through time we ride a simple wave

long ago it was agreed

that we are here to save

our Mother.

Drifters, dramatic shifters, brothers, sisters,

aggravators, perpetrators

call us what you will

do not forget however

that we are with you til

the weaving is done

tel we finish 

what has begun.


you remember

The candle burns

wavering not

in the stillness of the cave.

All the Earth is Aligned.

Secrets of Destiny

pour silently

trickles down rock,

sweet on the tongues

of those who know

to taste.


in kind

whatever factions form

whatever situations arrive

recognize who responds in kind

to your peaceful way of being.

 peaceful ways of being collide

somewhere beyond a glance of eyes

they whisper silent truths inside. 

trusted silent echos

say look away 

and know

we are weaving

a tightknit force

for unity

wherever we go.