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You fill my heart
I turn
to You

These eyes
They shine
with readiness
to see

It's all so simple
Whispers in dreams
safe in the apron
of the Way

Daughters on my back
Golden bonds of motherhood
Nurtured above and below
Silhouetted against the sun


Deja Vu

I weep, for the Wind bears news of devastation.

Imperial now we are.

I sing the Song of the Ages,

the Tale of Hidden Places

out to breathe play a Role.

I see the Soul of All Time

Glimmer into Flame.

The Name given those who know,

who carry the Code,

Renegade Warrior Peace Soldier,

explodes into resurrection.

We are a shoulder to cry on,

We rely on each other.

We pave the way to the great escape. 



Down that dark street between all the trees

is a narrow dark road that leads inside of me

to where caged animals ferocious and mean

pace and growl to the silent howl of insanity.

Groundsman wanders through the woods

trembles sobbing and sick

Cowering shadow of fear towers over all that is dear

to my dreams

All that I dream is me.

No one goes down this road.

Hauntingly private, it goads my sense of identity.

Today I set free an animal 

watched from my ancient tree

to see

what ramifications a freed angry pet might bring.

Roaming out of the shadows and into the light

the meanest muscles, sharpest claws

stalked past the Groundsman

through the halls of straight and steadfast forest.

Roaring it ran,

began its mournful assimilation in to the society of 

other stifled entities

whose anger came off

in tufts of brittle hair

that lay around everywhere

and on an occasional rush of air

the animals could hear

the cautiously caged curtailed few

down the dark road.




sapless flow

mirthless growth slow



Safe not sorry

Diversity, God's superfluity,

shavings on the floor,

trimmings unessential


of status quo

Walking in the steps of your father

and his

Your mother now your wife

knitting a life

that is all right

between bites of hors d'oeuvres

social interaction

marketing an undetectable glare

camouflaging the stare

of your purported ideals.


Human Machine,

fueled by caring drawn forth with lies,

smiles, false recognition

igniting pursuit of appreciation --

maybe love

maybe freedom,

snagged indefinitely off the Path

into professional delusion --

while all the Bells and Whistles,

drowned under rustling paper

creaking nods of higher-ups,

whose throats clear and eyes divert

in the presence of Truth,

scream Reality


Dead air

Clever way to avoid the change,


Lakes glimmer on other people's postcards

thumb-tacked to the wall by your desk.

The rest of the time is spent brooding

while passion waits behind the gate.

The allure of great passion washes by.

So sound-proof and secure,

you think you hear something 

but that thought washes by you

as you escape life.


the taste the feel

familiar sweet relief

we found each other in Time

a blessing of being alive

to think that life offers you

on the cusp of feeling

I want to participate 

in the pampering of you

your light an orb

my hand its pedastal

your sacred scent ties my knowing

to your knowing

and we ride behind what goes on

carried in a stream of light 

to our happy place of origin

our goldenness wafting through Time

measured by scenery familiar and new

suspended by sheer nature

your eternal essence essential to who I am

where I come from

your simplest receptivity to love

drawing forth more through me

an eternal conduit for you.


Silent Space

blossoms blooming ever so slowly inside the tainted territory

where battles fought not in the name of what should be 

but what is true

left statues half emerged from stone toppled

their other halves unknown

remembered by the coming of the flowers

silence lives in this place 

welcoming the sounds of nature

yelps of mourning are but echoes anymore

they once filled the silent space

Truth be known truth be lived

shadows speak when they must live in light.




find threads of wind



among peaks


softened in sky


folded in landscape

stillness itself


among the broken

suddenly there begins to emerge a meaning

somewhere among the broken

a truth

coexisting all at once

lives times feelings

history takes an ironic place in line

suddenly laughter is good for the moment

pain retreats

exists in a different room of my palace

in my palace the hallways are warm with candles

shadows wrap themselves around me

unseen comfort

oh rooms and rooms of imagination

whisper invitation to admission

oh in my palace you are there

and happy



Mercy sails down coolly through sky

down below people run round

try to catch it

but it comes slowly

lands not where it should

snatched from a child's hand by a desperate bridesmaid

child cries for the beauty



Grace flowers up from the tears

confession of the earth

statement to simplicity

Grace flowers up from the tears

all at once

So sorry to see your sorry eyes

painstakingly stark

Truth of the matter is

claim your fame catch your train go insane leave a stain

just go on and do it

Tired of your games to make your life exciting

Drama's a course I took got tired of pretending

Yesterday's lies old paradigms

no longer sending the same old message

Suggest you step aside let me by

as I glide to a place where

jokes are about universality

habits of humans

perceptual journey

nothing funny about anybody in particular

everybody's hilarious all at once.


just me

my muse

could be you

taste the air

am i there

lamplighter handholder

would be lover

laughing in realms of truth and desire

staring into territory

lit by love

mottled by reality

reluctant gratitude 

rocking on the porch

the bed neatly made



imprisoned in the here and now

learning how to be

fully experiential me

wings on my toes

kissing the nose of the silly

breathing through discomfort

crumbling realities

tumbling foreshadowed

'twas for the warmth I came


she forgot who she was

then she remembered

and there was a time where she lived
day to day minute to minute

until the Wind told her:

withdraw, Dear Lady,
into the wilderness now you shall go
roll in your roots
roll in your tentacles
gather your children
and go

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facing forward

I insist on feeling at ease

no trembling knees at the thought of getting caught

living the way I choose

my thoughts grow tired of overcompensation

I live in freedom with an air of resignation

discarded inhibitors

limp like laundry strewn in my room

watch in disbelief

horizons of happiness silently smile as the rising pinks and oranges

thaw the path to their kingdoms

surrounded only by love

i walk through patient forest

mother earth cautiously hopes that this will be a success

that this time a circuit connection

manna love peace manna love peace manna love peace manna

will charge her and her children

carrying them to a new place of exisitence



the sand slips
spraying into silence
leaving footsteps undetected
as the mighty messenger
races the sun.

Steady he breathes
above pounding heart
communing with
the nesting, the scurrying,
the silent fluttering
in the brush